Alligators are Back!!!

I have already done a nice post on the American Alligator.  This is a photo I took the other day with my new camera.  This picture was taken about half a mile from my house in someones back yard in Mount Pleasant, SC.  This alligator loves to sun in this spot and he (or she) can be found there quite regularly when the weather is warm.  Alligators lay on the banks and sleep all day so they can hunt for food at night.  They usually pose very little threat to humans, unless they are regularly fed by them.  However, they can pose a treat for small dogs and cats who, because of domestication, can sometimes be oblivious to the treats posed by natural predators.  This is an awesome sight and I am very happy that my neighbors haven’t tried to have it removed!!!

Here is a link to my previous post about the wonderful American Alligator.

Now that I have my new camera I will have more posts to come… Thanks!!


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