Tricolor Heron Picture


This is a pretty good picture I got of a Tricolor Heron (Egretta tricolor).  I got this image on the edge of a pond around the golf course in my neighborhood.  These birds are really amazing.  They are one of the prettiest of the heron species we see regularly around South Carolina coast.  These birds breed in subtropical swamp and marsh habitats along the east and gulf coasts.  They were once named the Louisiana Heron because they are seen in high numbers along in the state.  These birds have a pretty stable population numbers overall.  Although, in areas where wetlands are being lost due to human or natural impacts, these birds are vulnerable.  The prime example of this is in the state of Louisiana where the dredging of channels for boats, as well as Hurricane Katrina sinking many square miles of wetlands, have affected the local populations.


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