First Post

Hi, My official name is Jesse Grant. To most people who know me I go by Jay. I am 27 years old. I am a naturalist tour guide around Charleston, South Carolina. I am very recently married to the girl of my dreams (Alyssa), and have very crazy but sweet dog named Bella. I am starting this blog to start posting about my experiences with nature. This is both for me (as a record of events of sorts), and also to hopefully attract some like minded people to read and share in the wonders of nature with me. I inspire to learn much as I can about nature and share it with the public in hopes to get as many people to understand and love nature as I do. I know that sounds a little cliche, but you never know who you can impact and what positive effects that can have later on down the line. I am hoping one day to find a more sustaining job and career that allows me to do this every day, year around. For now, this blog will allow me to at least record and share my experiences of the natural world (and maybe other things) with the public. I hope people read and enjoy, Thanks for reading.


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